Thru The Roof

Special Needs Ministry

Ministry Leader – Mrs. Becky Blow
One of the biggest challenges for families of children with special needs, is finding time to nurture your own faith. Lebanon Church, along with Ministry Leader, Becky Blow, wanted to be a church meeting the spiritual needs, and nurturing the faith of the entire family. Thru The Roof ministers to families through hope, inclusion, and service. Several special events and respite care is provided throughout the year for families. Special classes are held each Sunday morning during service to minister and teach the gospel to those with special needs in a way that is as relevant to them. 
Every child is created in God’s image with a special purpose and plan for his/her life. We invite you and your family to check out our Thru The Roof Ministry and discover the blessing He has to offer.  
Our “Thru The Roof” Ministry meets in the Educational Hallway Building,
room E-3 at 10 am on Sundays.
If you would like more information about this ministry, please email Becky Blow at